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Used to pave roads since 1895, RoadRescue® mined in Texas has now been reformulated for high-performance road repair. Learn why our native asphalt outlasts conventional patches.

Simple, Quick Application

Just pour in the hole and compact. Leaves no tarry mess.

35% More Coverage

Reduce costs with our industry-leading coverage rate per pound

Guaranteed Longevity

Proven to hold up in high volume and heavy load traffic

All-Weather Reliability

Rain, snow, or heat – our patching material won’t rut, shove, or migrate

Why Choose RoadRescue®

Trusted By Professionals Across The World Since 1895

There’s a reason state, military, and industry leaders have relied on our one-of-a-kind native asphalt to pave roads and other critical infrastructure for over a century. Learn how RoadRescue® saves you time and money.

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How Is RoadRescue® Different?

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Everything starts with the unique native rock asphalt we mine west of San Antonio. Simply put, it’s the reason for the industry-leading durability and all-weather performance of our pothole patch.


It might start with our native asphalt but it doesn’t end there. We’ve engineered every part of our design and production process to ensure the performance of our patching material on distressed pavement.


A quality product requires quality people. We’re a family owned and operated business that’s been providing native RoadRescue® to DOT’s and industrial clients for roads and highways since 1895.


We’re proud of our legacy but that hasn’t stopped us from striving to improve. A commitment to testing, analyzing, and optimizing the long-term performance of our patch informs everything we do.

Time-Tested, Proven Performance

What Customers Say

Construction Services Manager Jay Perez On How He Found Out About RoadRescue®

“When I first came onboard I realized we had several high AADT intersections but only one that wasn’t giving us trouble. […] After asking around, I realized the crew had used a different patch. Frankly it’s [RoadRescue] been our go-to ever since. It stays put and makes our job easier. I like that.”

Jay PerezConstruction Services Manager, TAP

Non-Hazardous, No Cutbacks

Doesn’t require diesel or acids to stay workable like other asphalts

Workable At All Temperatures

Malleable and compactable from -40° to 168° Fahrenheit

Environmentally Friendly

No VOC’s and no chemical primers or binding agents

Easy To Use

Binds and cures immediately on compaction

How Native RoadRescue® Is Different

Most hot or cold mix asphalt is a manufactured combination of distilled crude oil and rock. Basically it’s just gravel covered in an oily glue. Our asphalt on the other hand? Well it took nature over 150 million years to make it.

Since the Cretaceous period, pressure has been causing viscous bitumen to impregnate the Anacacho limestone deposit we mine in South Texas. That means the glue that binds our natural asphalt together has slowly seeped deep inside the rocks. And that matters if you want a durable, heavy-duty pothole patch.

The Problems With Manufactured Asphalt

With manufactured asphalts, only the surface of the rocks are covered with a binding glue. That’s why most asphalts are either difficult to use or wear out quickly when the weather turns bad. That’s also why most asphalt dries out rapidly and requires special equipment.

In contrast, a binding glue permeates the rocks in our asphalt. That’s why all it takes is compaction and our bituminous limestone rocks fuse together into a dense and durable surface. In fact, the more pressure, the more tightly bonded our self-priming asphalt gets.

Fickle Mix Design

Easily contaminated materials and poorly graded aggregate hurts durability

Uses Chemical Bonding Agents

Toxic and hazardous. Dries out fast if not applied rapidly.

Difficult To Use

Requires special equipment and training. Creates a tarry mess.

Inconsistent Performance

Shrinks as it cures. Unstable at different temperatures so it ruts and migrates.

A Legacy Of Quality

Why Contractors Choose RoadRescue® 

Unique Bonding Action

Our native asphalt binds on compaction in -40° to 168° F and in water or snow-filled holes. Plus a 35% higher coverage rate reduces costs.

Durable Over Time

Proven to resist pushing and shoving under heavy and high volume traffic. Self-tacking material continues bonding as cars provide additional pressure.

Engineered For Performance

Unique properties of native asphalt enable a mix design optimized for reliability. Meets and exceeds DOT and military performance specs.

Less Liability & Risk

No exposure risks from hazardous chemical additives or cutbacks. All natural RoadRescue® is 100% VOC-free, enviro-friendly, and safe for workers

Learn The Science

Read what independent researchers have proven about our unique patching material

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Why Native Asphalt Out-Performs

Learn why our unique natural asphalt out-performs conventional cold mix

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