Reliable In Snow,

Heat, And Rain

RoadRescue® stays workable and durable year-round and in all climates. Learn why our unique material has been trusted by governments all across the world since 1895.

No Weather Sensitive Additives

Doesn’t rely on volatile chemical solvents, polymers, or cutbacks

Consistent Material Stability

Maintains high stability in temperatures -40° to 168° Fahrenheit

Proven In Diverse Climates

Tested in climates as diverse as Peru and Canada for over 50 years

Engineered For Durability

Unique properties of native asphalt enable a mix design optimized for reliability

Native Versus Manufactured Asphalt

When It Comes To Weather, Native Matters

The sprawling limestone deposit we mine down in southwest Texas may be one of the largest natural asphalt formations in the world, but it’s certainly not large enough to pave all 42.1 million miles of roads on Earth. That’s one reason why when most people think asphalt, it’s manufactured, not native asphalt that comes to mind. In other words, people imagine a tarry black substance — one created from distilled crude oil and rocks — not our naturally-occurring asphalt composed entirely of dry-to-the-touch rocks. And if you’re looking for a patch that performs in all weather, that difference matters.

Problems With Manufactured Asphalt

Uncertain Weather,
Uncertain Results

In manufactured asphalts, only the outer surfaces of the rocks are coated in a sticky binder. That’s one reason manufactured cold mixes become either unreliable or unworkable outside a narrow range of weather conditions. (That’s also why they tend to dry out so quickly.) Because manufactured mixes depend on fickle chemical reactions to bond, unexpected changes in ambient moisture or temperature often disrupt the stability of the material. This can even occur long after the patch is initially applied. 

The RoadRescue® Advantage

Why Native Asphalt Out-Performs

Over the past 70 million years, heat and pressure have forced concentrated bitumen to seep deep inside the rocks in our asphalt. That’s one reason weather conditions don’t affect RoadRescue® the way they do manufactured patches: the binder in our material is trapped in the interstices of the rocks themselves, not coated on afterwards. And it’s pressure — not evaporation or any other weather sensitive chemical reaction — that causes RoadRescue® to bond. Long story short, that’s why our native asphalt patch remains workable and reliable in snow, heat, and rain — while manufactured mixes simply don’t.

Mined & Produced In Southwest Texas For Over A Century

Engineered Specifically For Distressed Pavement

Our commitment to performance doesn’t stop with our one-of-a-kind material — it shapes how we process and formulate our product as well. That's why our engineers evaluate and optimize our patch based on six key quality metrics to ensure our mix design and materials work together to perform at the highest level.

Reliable Performance

Won’t migrate or shove under heavy-load or high-volume traffic

DOT & Military Compliant

Exceeds specs and performance standards (like TXDOT Item 330)

Stronger Over Time

Binds gradually with pressure to form a durable, permanent surface


Moisture Resistant

Made with lean, densely cemented fossiliferous rock that resists water permeation and freeze-thaw damage.


Not too coarse or too fine, a special mix design graded and optimized to remain workable across variable conditions.


Self-tacking but not sticky. A flexible bond that resists raveling and weathers like slow-cure asphalts.


Resists pushing and shoving with calibrated voids and interlocking calcite crystals to ensure stability without sacrificing workability.


Naturally occurring bitumen impregnated limestone doesn't draindown or strip and has a shelf-life twice as long as other asphalts.


Carefully cleaned, processed, and tested to prevent contamination problems and ensure consistent, industrial-quality performance.
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Why Native Asphalt Out-Performs

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