Save Time And Money

Your Road Crew

In A Bag

RoadRescue® leads the industry in coverage and durability, making repairs faster and more permanent than manufactured mixes. Our natural asphalt maximizes crew performance, decreases liability, and improves your roads for a better tomorrow.

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Unique Bonding Action

Our natural asphalt binds on compaction in -40° to 168° F and in water or snow-filled holes. Plus a 35% higher coverage rate reduces costs.

Durable Over Time

Proven to resist pushing and shoving under heavy and high-volume traffic. Self-tacking material is unaffected by 18 wheelers and braking tires.

Improve Crew Performance

Turn one truck into a pothole repair machine. Just throw-and-roll. No tools, prep, or multi-person crews required.

Less Liability & Risk

Create safer streets, decrease liabilities. All natural RoadRescue® is VOC-free, safe for workers, and eliminates failed patches.

"A few bags of RoadRescue® turned any truck we had into a “pothole repair vehicle” and that’s what got us through the winter. […] I was skeptical they [the patches] would hold up but most all of them did, even the ones in high-traffic intersections. They [RoadRescue®] changed the way we work. I'd recommend the product to anyone."
Jerry Long
PW Manager, HCC