Permanent Bond,
Guaranteed Longevity

RoadRescue’s unique binding action prevents migrating and shoving in high-volume or heavy-load traffic. Learn what a century has proven about our material’s durability.

Field And Lab Tested

Mix design engineered for long-term performance on distressed pavement.

Simple, Quick Application

Just throw-and-roll. No tools, prep, or multi-person crews required.

Fast, Permanent Bond

Ready for traffic immediately but weathers like a slow-cure patch

Consistent Quality Control

Carefully processed to ensure proper gradation and strict QA specs

A Natural Advantage

Why RoadRescue® Out-Lasts Manufactured Mixes

Most asphalt is a manufactured combination of distilled crude oil and rock. Basically it’s just gravel covered in an oily glue. Our naturally-occurring asphalt on the other hand? Well since the Cretaceous period, heat and pressure have caused concentrated bitumen to impregnate the Anacacho limestone deposit we mine in South Texas. That means the adhesive that binds our patching material together has seeped deep inside our asphalt rocks. And that matters if you care about the longevity of a pavement patch.

Hidden Problems

Why Manufactured Fails More Frequently

Manufactured asphalts depend on chemical solvents and polymers to control how fast they bind and set up. Speed is clearly important because the faster an asphalt patch sets, the less time crews and traffic waste waiting around. Yet patches that harden too quickly have other problems. Often these “rapid-curing” or “instant” patches trap gaps and voids that easily retain moisture — moisture that during freeze-thaw cycles later causes them to fail.

The Crucial Difference

Pressure Bonds Our Patch, Not Chemicals

Pressure causes our natural asphalt rocks to secrete a high-purity bitumen binder that bonds our material together. That means two things: Not only is our patch ready for traffic immediately after compaction, but it also continues to settle into the surrounding pavement over time as cars provide additional pressure. This settling process allows bitumen to distribute evenly into the voids as the rocks progressively interlock and displace moisture and air. That’s why there’s no sacrificing speed for longevity with RoadRescue®. Unlike with manufactured mixes, the more pressure from traffic, the more densely bonded our unique material gets.

“It outlasted the surrounding pavement”

JR ThomasTrack Director, UPR
The RoadRescue® Advantage

Lasts Longer Than The Asphalt Around The Patch

Properly installed RoadRescue® will survive longer than the asphalt surrounding it. But that doesn’t mean our material is hard to apply. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to patch a pothole with RoadRescue®.

Watch It In Action
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What Customers Say

Maintenance Foreman Joey Cruz On How He Realized RoadRescue® Was Different

“[…] A stranger came up to me while I was out eating lunch and started thanking me and shaking my hand real hard. Said he’d noticed my [Public Works] shirt and wanted to thank us for the improvement in the roads over the last 18 months. […] That’s right around the time we switched to RoadRescue. Thought that was a good story for y’all [RoadRescue] to pass around.”

Joey CruzMaintenance Foreman, CPW

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Why Native Asphalt Out-Performs

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