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Road Rescue® Totes – 2 Totes

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658 Sq Ft
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4,700 Lbs

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Product Description

Road Rescue® Asphalt ensures quicker repairs with less planning, people, and equipment. Our fast-acting natural asphalt is delivered to you in convenient totes by the quantity you need, at incremental cost savings. Our asphalt totes are a complete solution to large repairs that are ready for all types of traffic and usage immediately. Cut out business downtime, labor costs, and specialized equipment with our unique product and superior results in just a few simple steps.


easy application
faster, more efficient repairs
All-Natural, Zero-VOCs
convenient Transport
long-lasting results

Take Risk Off The Table

Road Rescue®
Road Master program

Road Rescue® is here to support and partner with businesses to streamline your order process,
offer responsive service, and back our products’ performance with our Risk-Free Warranty

Permanent Fixes In 3 Simple Steps

Road Rescue® Totes



Prep the Area



Applying Road Rescue®
Asphalt Repair



Compacting Road Rescue®

Asphalt Repair


Common Questions

Each tote contains 2400 lb. of Road Rescue® Asphalt Repair.​

Sealed 2400 lb. totes of Road Rescue® remain fresh and usable for 1 year. Our asphalt has an extended shelf life because it resists oxidation and doesn’t contain volatile chemical additives unlike other asphalt repair materials.

Yes, our totes are equipped with a resealable spout that makes storing bulk asphalt easy, clean, and keeps your material fresh for later use. Simply cinch your tote closed using the resealable spout and the remaining material will stay workable for up to 8 months. However, for the best results, we recommend using the remaining material within 3-6 months after first being exposed to air.

Road Rescue® totes easily fit into most truck beds. Remove the shrink wrap and attach each of the four, high-strength loopholes to a forklift to safely maneuver the tote. Simply place the tote into the bed of your vehicle or use the resealable spout to dispense the desired amount of material.

Road Rescue® is “throw-and-roll” asphalt which means our material binds on compaction. Compacting our material with a vehicle’s tire will yield the best results. For large-scale projects, we recommend using a steel wheel or pneumatic roller to cover more area.​

*Vibratory plate compactors are not recommended due to the varying grades of aggregate that make up the material of Road Rescue®. The smaller grade aggregates help fill small voids and crevices during compaction. The use of a vibratory plate compactor will cause the smaller aggregates to sink to the bottom of the repair, leaving those small voids and crevices unfilled on the top layers.

Each tote is made to order, shrink wrapped, and delivered directly to you on a pallet. This ensures you receive fresh bulk asphalt that’s not only easy to store, but lasts twice as long as loose bulk asphalt. Our material rivals the strength of hot mix and is easier to use than cold patch asphalt. With a resealable spout that makes transportation easy, your large-scale road repairs just got faster, cleaner, and more proactive.

Loose bulk asphalt contains hydrocarbon solvents that evaporate when exposed to air and moisture. Stored outside for extended periods of time, these solvents break down which can leave you with large quantities of unusable material. Loose bulk asphalts that rely on evaporation can take hours or days before they are ready for traffic. Driving over these materials too soon can cause your repairs to fail altogether, which requires more work and more material. Loose bulk asphalt is also notoriously messy, taking up hours of manpower to clean equipment with costly chemicals. Add these costs up and loose bulk asphalt becomes expensive, time-consuming, and a hassle to work with.

That depends on what type of asphalt repairs you need to make. While our 50 lb. bags are perfect for potholes and other small road repairs, Road Rescue® totes are designed for tackling large-scale asphalt repair projects like utility cuts, overlays, and even new road construction. If you’re trying to figure out how much material you need for a project, try our Job Calculator below.

The 1 ton bulk Totes

Use Road Rescue® Asphalt Repair totes to manage those big jobs in areas without loose bulk. Totes ship and store anywhere, up to 6 months. Repair large utility cuts, overlays, and replace damaged pavement.

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