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Product Description

Road Rescue® Asphalt ensures quicker repairs with less planning, people, and equipment. Our fast-acting natural asphalt comes in easy-to-handle bags, providing a complete solution to repairs that are ready for all types of traffic and usage immediately. Cut out business downtime, labor costs, and specialized equipment with our unique product and superior results in just a few simple steps. 


easy application
faster, more efficient repairs
All-Natural, Zero-VOCs
convenient Transport
long-lasting results

Take Risk Off The Table

Road Rescue®
Road Master program

Road Rescue® is here to support and partner with businesses to streamline your order process,
offer responsive service, and back our products’ performance with our Risk-Free Warranty

Permanent Fixes In 3 Simple Steps

Road Rescue® Bags



Sweep and Clean the Area



Apply your Road Rescue® Asphalt



Compact with your Vehicle


Common Questions

Just remove loose debris or ice, then pour the material directly into the water filled hole. The asphalt will displace most of the water. Additional water will be displaced once the asphalt is compacted. Remember to leave a 1 inch crown on the repair for additional traffic. Pressure from additional traffic will gradually force any remaining moisture out of the repair, reducing the probability of freeze-thaw damage.

Road Rescue® is ready for traffic immediately after compaction. Remember to leave a 1 inch crown on top because the binding process will continue as traffic applies additional pressure.

One 50 lb. bag covers 0.6 cubic ft (compacted); 85 lbs./cubic ft.
For example, it takes one 50 lb. bag to repair a 7 ft x 1 ft x 1 inch pothole.
If you’re trying to figure out how much material you need for a project, try our Job Calculator. 

Absolutely. Simply drop your bag of Road Rescue® gently onto the ground as if it were a bag of ice. The material will break free and be perfectly ready to use. Any additional clumps can be easily broken up as you spread the material.

Vibratory plate compactors are not recommended due to the varying grades of aggregate that make up the material of Road Rescue®. The smaller grade aggregates help fill small voids and crevices during compaction. The use of a vibratory plate compactor will cause the smaller aggregates to sink to the bottom of the repair, leaving those small voids and crevices unfilled on the top layers. For the best results, we recommend compacting Road Rescue® with a vehicle tire, steel roller, or pneumatic roller. 

No, for the best results with Road Rescue® we recommend driving directly on the material. The weight of the car will properly compact the material. Placing a board between your tires and the material disperses the weight more unevenly and thus fails to properly compact the patch.

Yes, that’s completely normal and here’s why: Most asphalt is a manufactured mix of distilled crude oil and rock aggregate. Basically, it’s rocks coated in a tarry binder. But our native asphalt is different. Over 70 million years of heat and pressure have forced a natural bitumen binder to permeate deep inside the Anacacho limestone rocks in our asphalt. That’s why our material is dry-to-the-touch and perfectly safe to handle unlike oily manufactured alternatives. If you apply pressure, our rocks secrete that bitumen and fuse together into a dense and durable surface. Otherwise, our native asphalt rocks remain mostly dry and clean.

No, Road Rescue® has been proven to perform in temperatures ranging from sub-zero to 168° Fahrenheit and in water-filled holes. Our asphalt doesn’t depend on additives or binders that become unreliable outside a specific range of temperatures or moisture levels. And erratic weather won’t cause recently applied patches to migrate either. With Road Rescue®, you can expect fewer weather delays, less failed patches, and very little wasted material.

Yes. Just seal the bag opening tightly, and the remaining material will stay usable for up to 8 months. To ensure optimal performance, however, we recommend using the material within 3-6 months of first exposure to air. While it may be possible to “fluff up” old stale material, we can’t guarantee the longevity of the material under those circumstances.

Hand tampers are not recommended. Since Road Rescue® binds on compaction, it is best to apply as much force as possible. Using a vehicle tire, steel wheel, or pneumatic roller will allow you to achieve the best results. 

Not at all. Since Road Rescue® is self-priming, our unique asphalt blend bonds tightly to the walls of the pothole without needing additional primers or tack coats.

Cold patches are made to set up as their hydrocarbon solvents evaporate. Road Rescue® is ready for traffic immediately because our rocks secrete bitumen and bind on compaction, not evaporation. This gives Road Rescue® a clear advantage over other asphalt on the market. Cold patches that rely on evaporation can take hours or days before they are ready for traffic. Drive over these patches too soon and they rut and shove, or in certain cases, fail altogether.

50 lb Bags

Use Road Rescue® Asphalt Repair for quick road repairs
anywhere, anytime.

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