Repair the Road with Road Rescue® Asphalt

No matter the size, Road Rescue® Asphalt Totes and Bags tackle every job easily and efficiently.

Who uses Road Rescue® to Repair the Road?

Road Rescue® Asphalt is changing asphalt repairs for:

Entertainment & Sports Stadiums
Prisons & Correctional Facilities
Shipping Ports & Logistics Freight Hubs
Manufacturing Plants & Warehouses
Airports & Rail Stations
Resorts & Hotels
Event & Convention Centers
Amusement & Theme Parks
Colleges & Schools
Commercial Office Parks

The Road Rescue® Difference

We are changing how businesses repair the roads.

Cost Effectiveness

Cut out multi-site visits, labor, admin, and maintenance costs with Road Rescue® Asphalt.

Hazard Free

The only genuine natural asphalt product on the market, so it won’t harm the environment, clothes, or equipment.

Ease of Application

Road repair that only requires a truck, a Tote, and a shovel. No heavy equipment and no extensive crews.

Quick Repairs

Our asphalt isn’t just cold mix in a bag. It’s a single product with no cure time and no follow-ups.

Aesthetic Improvement

Maintain the visual standards and appeal on all types of paved areas.

Road Rescue® Asphalt For All Your Repair Needs

Visit our Shop page to explore our convenient Asphalt Bags and Totes. Designed to make transportation and application of Road Rescue® Asphalt simple, easy, and hassle-free.

Take Risk Off The Table

Road Rescue®
Road Master program

Road Rescue® is here to support and partner with businesses to streamline your order process, offer responsive service, and back our products’ performance with our Risk-Free Warranty