Without VOC’s

Our unique native asphalt is safe for humans and the environment. Learn why 5+ generations of decision-makers have trusted RoadRescue® on roads and runways.

Less Liability And Risk

No hazardous solvents or cutbacks means fewer long-term risks

35% Greater Coverage

Dense natural material cuts costs by covering more per pound

No Oily Or Tarry Mess

Dry-to-the-touch RoadRescue® won’t ruin clothes or make a mess

Stays Fresh 2x As Long

Bitumen impregnated limestone resists oxidation and drain-down

Native Versus Manufactured Asphalt

Native Asphalt Is The Sustainable Choice

The difference between manufactured and native asphalt isn’t just a matter of how they’re made — it’s what they’re actually made of that’s the real difference. The reason is simple: artificially manufacturing a material like native asphalt costs far too much to be practical — it requires enormous amounts of heat and pressure to force bitumen into rocks. That’s why manufactured mixes rely on chemicals to replicate the natural bonding action of native asphalt. And those chemicals matter if you care about the safety and environmental impact of a pavement patch.

Hidden Problems

Long Term Risks With Manufactured Asphalts

The chemical additives in manufactured mixes create a tradeoff between performance and sustainability. (Basically the better the patch, the worse its potential impact on the environment and people’s health.) That’s why so many manufactured patches depend on loopholes like the “storage exemption clause” to get around VOC regulations. That’s also the reason why so many patches aren’t legal in states with high safety standards like Vermont. With manufactured asphalt patches, it’s either performance or sustainability, never both.

Why Native Out-Performs

Performance Without Compromise

Laws regulating VOC’s and other hazardous substances have grown stricter over the last few decades, both in the U.S. and around the world. And this trend is likely to continue as scientists learn more about the long-term impact of chemicals on people’s health and the environment. That’s why forward-thinking decision-makers are choosing RoadRescue®. Not only is our patching material 100% VOC free, it also contains none of the other chemical additives that manufactured asphalt patches rely on to work. Our naturally-occurring patching material reduces health, environmental, and legal risks — and without any compromise in performance.

Six More Reasons People Trust Native Over Manufactured Asphalt


Exceeds Industry Standards

Meets and exceeds stripping resistance, cohesion, skid stress, workability and other industry specs and performance benchmarks.

No Tarry Mess

Unlike oily manufactured mixes, our rocks remain dry and clean until compaction. Won't ruin clothes, truck interiors, or track into buildings.

Bonds Permanently

Forms a flexible but durable bond with surrounding pavement like slow-cure asphalts. Continues bonding as traffic provides additional pressure.

Reliable Year Round

Doesn't rely on fickle additives that work differently in different weather conditions. Binds on compaction in -40° to 168° F and in water or snow-filled holes.

Time-Tested Performance

Proven reliable in high-volume and heavy-load traffic for over a century. Trusted by military and government leaders for critical infrastructure projects.

Easy To Use Or Store

No special tools or training required. Less wasted time and material because our bitumen-bearing rocks stay fresh and workable twice as long.


More Coverage Per Pound

Cut costs with our best-in-class coverage rate

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