Asphalt Repair Products for Large-Scale Business

Why Asphalt Repair Products are Important for Large-Scale Businesses

If you’re running a large-scale business, you’re normally preoccupied with a laundry list of
important tasks. Deciding on asphalt repair products is probably one of the last things that
comes to mind. However, regular asphalt maintenance is crucial to businesses for several

First and foremost, a well-maintained asphalt surface enhances the overall appearance of the
business premises, leaving a positive impression on clients, employees, and passersby.
Aesthetically pleasing and functional parking lots and driveways not only enhance the overall
appeal of a business but also ensure the safety and convenience of customers. Exposed to
constant traffic, extreme weather conditions, and wear and tear, asphalt surfaces can
deteriorate over time if not properly maintained. A poorly maintained parking lot or driveway with
cracks, potholes, and faded markings can disrupt operations, lead to expensive paving projects,
and create safety hazards.

How Businesses Can Take Advantage of Asphalt Repair Products

While it’s clear that maintaining asphalt surfaces is important, many businesses can’t
necessitate shutting down their parking lots for lengthy asphalt paving projects. Businesses rely
on open, functioning parking areas for customers and employees. Fortunately, there are asphalt
repair products that provide durable and fast solutions for businesses to help maintain a
professional image, ensure safe pavement conditions, and save on repair costs.

Utilize All-Weather Asphalt Repair Products

Most asphalt repair products have strict weather restrictions that limit the window for businesses
to perform maintenance. Larger projects, such as parking lot resurfacing, normally require
materials like hot mix asphalt. However, the temperature restrictions of the material can restrict
businesses from making repairs in winter months. Asphalt repair products designed for filling
potholes and cracks can perform in harsher weather conditions but tend to only offer temporary

Road Rescue® provides an all-season repair solution for businesses because it doesn’t cure
based on temperature or weather conditions. Traditional asphalt repair products can remain
pliable during curing times due to fluctuations in moisture and temperature. When pliable, these
products are prone to rupturing or failing altogether, leading to additional costs and rework.
Road Rescue® binds solely on compaction, essentially making the curing time as fast as you
can drive over the material. This eliminates failed patches caused by ambient changes in
temperature and provides businesses with a permanent asphalt repair product in rain, sleet,
heat, and snow.

What’s more, Road Rescue® is extremely durable and has even been used to pave and
resurface entire parking lots. Businesses can perform major projects in colder temperatures,
potentially when parking areas need maintenance the most. This is particularly crucial for retail
businesses that have increased traffic due to the holiday season.

Asphalt Repair Products Requiring Limited Time, Knowledge, and Resources

In the world of business, time is money. While sectioning off areas for asphalt maintenance is
unavoidable, traditional repair methods often involve lengthy downtimes, disrupting normal
business operations and inconveniencing customers. Businesses facing large-scale
maintenance projects either invest in specialized equipment for their maintenance crew or hire
contractors to complete the repairs.

Road Rescue® provides businesses with a cost-effective asphalt repair product because of its
fast, easy application. By simply applying and compacting the material with a vehicle’s tire,
maintenance workers can make permanent repairs without the use of specialized tools or
training. This empowers businesses to make proactive asphalt repairs without the need to hire
expensive contractors or close their parking lots for extended periods of time.

Clean Asphalt Repair Products Promote a Well-Kept Exterior

Businesses rely on attracting customers and a well-kept exterior can make your customer’s first
impression one of professionalism and care. Lengthy construction projects and pothole littered
parking lots can negatively impact traffic and public image. Maintaining the integrity and
functionality of parking lots and driveways enhances the overall image of a business for
customers as well as employees.

Asphalt repair products are notoriously messy materials to work with, staining surrounding
pavement, permanently damaging vehicle interiors, and even tracking into buildings. Cleaning
up oily asphalt materials is not only time-consuming, but the process also runs up additional
expenses with cleaning chemicals. Road Rescue® has a unique attribute in the world of
asphalt, it’s dry and clean until compaction. This makes repairs not only fast but eliminates a
lengthy and expensive cleaning process. Maintenance crews can perform lasting repairs while
keeping the property looking presentable and inviting.

Durable Asphalt Repair Products with Long-Lasting Results

Durability is a significant factor for businesses deciding on asphalt repair products. Temporary
mixes like bagged cold mix, while able to patch potholes and fill cracks, often must be reworked
and replaced. This is a common case for areas with inclement weather where hot mix isn’t
readily available. Businesses will patch potholes with cold mix only to replace them months later
when a permanent option is available. Additionally, parking lots with damaged pavement can
lead to traffic accidents and unnecessary liabilities.

The superior durability of Road Rescue® enables businesses to not only repair potholes, but
pave and resurface entire parking lots. Major maintenance projects can take place in colder
months without the need for ideal weather conditions or extensive paving equipment. More
importantly, failed asphalt patches caused by temporary materials can reopen potholes and lead
to hazardous areas. A well-maintained asphalt surface not only leaves a lasting impression of
professionalism and care but also secures the safety of customers and employees.

Investing in Asphalt Repair Products that Reduce Costs

Investing time and resources into asphalt repair products can cause an unnecessary strain on
businesses, especially when faced with large or frequent repairs. Expenditures such as hiring
outside contractors, reworking failed repairs, and sectioning off customer parking can
significantly hurt a business’ bottom line.

Road Rescue® helps businesses seeking affordable and efficient solutions. With it’s all-weather
reliability, simple application, and durability, businesses can achieve professional-quality results
without breaking the bank. Moreover, neglected asphalt surfaces can quickly deteriorate and
develop cracks, potholes, and other damage. Ignoring these issues leads to more significant
problems down the line, which require costly and time-consuming repairs. By addressing repairs
early on with Road Rescue®, businesses can spend less time repairing parking lots and more
time keeping them packed with customers.