It’s what’s in the bag,
not what’s on it.

Traditional Cold Mix in fancy packaging is just lipstick on a pig

Road Rescue® is ready

for traffic immediately

the competition

the competition

Ok maybe they mean
other traffic?

The Competition – Bicycle Traffic?
The Competition – Foot Traffic?

it’s time to say goodbye to
Traditional cold mix

we believe The writing is
on the road

the competition

Natural Asphalt is a Game Changer

All the benefits of Cold Mix with the Permanence of Hot Mix

Works for all use cases

No matter the size or use case, Road Rescue® allows for a fast hassle-free job that makes it easy to do smaller fixes or larger paving jobs.

Permanently Pave & Repair

No more worrying about follow-up visits to the job site or ongoing maintenance. Road Rescue® is a permanent pavement or repair the first time.

Works in all weather

Road Rescue® bonds and seals with no disadvantage in all types of weather. Our application process is unaffected by the outdoor conditions.

Can be added to water

Road Rescue® can be added to water-filled holes, displacing the water and creating a permanent repair.

Ready For Traffic Immediately

Road Rescue® is ready for ALL types of traffic instantly – boots, bikes, cars, trucks… even skateboards.

Road Rescue® Asphalt For All Your Repair Needs

Visit our Shop page to explore our convenient Asphalt Bags and Totes. Designed to make transportation and application of Road Rescue® Asphalt simple, easy, and hassle-free.