Repair Walkways, Paths, And Trails with Road Rescue® Asphalt

Road Rescue® Asphalt is the convenient and accessible way to maintain all types of paved walkways, paths, and trails.

Stop fighting with Cold Mix & Scheduling for Hot Mix

Road Rescue® At work

Suitable for all types of high-traffic paved walkways, pathways, and trails.

Gated Communities

Maintain walkways that provide access to shared recreational facilities.

Nature Reserves and Conservancies

Perfect for wildlife hiking trails with many visitors.

Outdoor Shopping Centers

Great for public pathways that allows shoppers to navigate between stores and parking areas.

Who uses Road Rescue®?

Road Rescue® Asphalt is changing asphalt repairs for:

Zoos & Aquariums
Museums & Cultural Centers
Senior Living Communities
Cruise Ports & Airports
Recreation Centers & Corporate Campuses
Nature Reserves & Conservation Areas
Botanical Gardens & Wildlife Sanctuaries
Historical Sites & Tourist Attractions
Wineries & Vineyards

The Road Rescue® Difference

We are changing how businesses look at road repair.

Cost Effectiveness

Cut out multi-site visits, labor, admin, and maintenance costs with Road Rescue® Asphalt.

Hazard Free

The only genuine natural asphalt product on the market, so it won’t harm the environment, clothes, or equipment.

Ease of Application

Road repair that only requires a truck, a Tote, and a shovel. No heavy equipment and no extensive crews.

Quick Repairs

Our asphalt isn’t just cold mix in a bag. It’s a single product with no cure time and no follow-ups.

Aesthetic Improvement

Maintain the visual standards and appeal on all types of walkways and paths.

Road Rescue® Asphalt For All Your Repair Needs

Visit our Shop page to explore our convenient Asphalt Bags and Totes. Designed to make transportation and application of Road Rescue® Asphalt simple, easy, and hassle-free.

Take Risk Off The Table

Road Rescue®
Road Master program

Road Rescue® is here to support and partner with businesses to streamline your order process, offer responsive service, and back our products’ performance with our Risk-Free Warranty