Better Asphalt Maintenance is Better for Business

From attracting customers, to executing operations, asphalt maintenance is an essential aspect of running any successful business. The condition of your parking lot speaks volumes about your company whether it’s a retail store, office building, or industrial site. That’s why investing in better asphalt maintenance is not only essential for the long-term durability of your pavement, but also has a direct impact on the success of your business.

A well-maintained asphalt surface not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property, but also ensures safe and convenient access for employees, customers, and visitors. Distribution and logistics rely on proper asphalt maintenance to help facilitate operations. Lastly, maintaining asphalt impacts your business’ bottom line. Left unattended, even simple cracks and potholes can siphon maintenance budgets and cause an unnecessary strain on finances. Here, we’ll take a deeper look into why better asphalt maintenance is better for your business.

Better Asphalt Maintenance Minimizes Liability for Businesses

Poorly maintained parking lots can become a liability for your business. Cracks, potholes, and deteriorated pavement can lead to accidents and expensive lawsuits. Implementing a regular asphalt maintenance routine ensures these safety hazards are identified early and promptly repaired, reducing the chances of accidents and related legal complications.

However, the quality of these repairs relies heavily on the quality of asphalt used. While cold mix asphalt is commonly used for potholes and other small repairs, the results are often temporary. Excess moisture can slow down the curing process and heavy traffic can force the material out of the pothole before it solidifies. If not reworked, these failed patches create tripping hazards and uneven surfaces, potentially leading to costly liability claims.

Road Rescue® helps promote better asphalt maintenance by providing businesses with reliable and durable repairs. Compacting the material enables the bitumen-rich limestone rocks in Road Rescue® to fuse together into a solid repair instantly. This lack of a curing time means repairs can be open to heavy traffic immediately and withstand inclement weather without the fear of failing. With diligent attention to asphalt maintenance and quality material, businesses can mitigate potential risks, safeguard their customers and employees, and protect their bottom line.

Asphalt Maintenance Promotes a Better Brand Image

Investing in asphalt maintenance not only saves businesses from potential liability but also provides a positive image and lasting impression on customers. A well-maintained exterior and smoothly surfaced parking lot sends a subtle but powerful message: this business prioritizes attention to detail and cares about the safety of its customers and employees.

In today’s competitive market, it’s crucial to differentiate your business from the competition. A deteriorated parking lot or one under constant construction could deter potential customers. A regular maintenance routine improves the appearance of your parking lot, but the process is notoriously messy and time-consuming. It’s not uncommon for asphalt maintenance projects to stain surrounding pavement or track into buildings and vehicles. Maintenance projects can also shut down essential parking for extended periods of time.

Road Rescue® transforms asphalt maintenance into a clean, simple three-step process. Unlike traditional materials comprised of rocks and oily glue, Road Rescue® remains dry and clean until compaction. This 100% VOC-free material doesn’t stain clothing, ruin equipment, or track onto the surrounding pavement. These qualities are an advantage for businesses that want to maintain an image of cleanliness and professionalism. Moreso, the application of Road Rescue® only takes minutes, allowing businesses to expedite asphalt maintenance and reopen parking areas without lengthy downtimes.

Asphalt Maintenance Affects Operational Efficiency

Better asphalt maintenance also impacts operational efficiency. Poorly maintained pavement can hinder traffic flow, disrupt operations, and cause unnecessary frustration for employees, customers, and suppliers. It can even reduce the ease of loading and unloading goods, impacting logistics and supply chain management.

When asphalt maintenance projects require the assistance of an external contractor because of the size or severity of the repair, essential areas of a business can become inaccessible. Sometimes these downtimes can be excessive and difficult to work around. Even a single pothole can slow down operations and hinder customer traffic. Road Rescue® enables businesses to eliminate lengthy downtimes because of its instant bond and easy application.

Regular maintenance, such as pothole repair, becomes as easy as applying and compacting the material. Whereas most pothole repair materials need time to set and require extra equipment such as concrete saws or catalysts, Road Rescue® simply needs compaction. This equips any single maintenance vehicle with the ability to eliminate potholes without specialized tools or extra training. Even larger repairs that would normally require crews of trained operators and perfect weather conditions can be accomplished with less manpower and resources. By utilizing Road Rescue®, businesses can conduct seamless asphalt maintenance that decreases downtime and increases productivity and efficiency.

Better Asphalt Maintenance Reduces Maintenance Budgets

Pavement inevitably deteriorates, making asphalt maintenance an essential business expense. From straightforward repairs to more long-term investments such as parking lot resurfacing, maintenance budgets affect your bottom line. After tools, training, and manpower are taken into consideration, it’s crucial for businesses to see a return on their asphalt maintenance.

Neglecting routine maintenance or using subpar repair materials can lead to more significant issues and higher maintenance costs. One pothole repair that’s consistently reworked due to failing under the weight of traffic can quickly add up in cost. These problems not only increase maintenance costs but pose a potential safety risk. Additionally, damaged, or poorly maintained asphalt can negatively impact a business’s reputation, discouraging potential customers from visiting.

That’s why it’s imperative that businesses invest in routine asphalt maintenance with quality repairs that last. By eliminating the need for expensive equipment, additional labor, and minimizing downtimes, Road Rescue® significantly reduces maintenance budgets. Its long-lasting performance translates into fewer repairs over time, which makes every repair with Road Rescue® an investment that delivers.

Investing in Asphalt Maintenance as a Business Strategy

For many businesses, asphalt maintenance may be seen a necessary, but problematic component of daily operations. However, the many issues associated with these repairs can be avoided with the right techniques and materials. By investing in routine maintenance, businesses can minimize liability, promote a positive brand image, increase efficiency, and decrease maintenance budgets. Road Rescue® aids businesses in taking a proactive and practical approach to asphalt maintenance.