Published : 12/14/2023

Revolutionize your Parking Lot Maintenance

Whether it’s 3 or 300 parking spots, parking lot maintenance is essential for the longevity, safety, and functionality of any facility. A well-maintained parking lot provides a positive first impression for visitors and enhances convenience. Faded lines, potholes, and overall disrepair not only affect the usability and visual appeal of a parking lot, they also create risk and liability for owners.

But between the constant flow of traffic, deterioration from weather, and traditional paving materials, maintaining parking lots is a demanding task. Established practices can keep parking lot maintenance bouncing from one repair to the next. Resurfacing projects need perfect weather conditions and close off parking spaces for extended periods of time. Patching potholes and cracks with temporary cold mixes only delays the inevitable re-repair months later. The time, manpower, and resources needed can put a financial stress on parking lot owners and management. While parking lot maintenance is a challenge, it can be easier if you take a different approach.

Invest Less Time, Training, and Equipment into Parking Lot Maintenance

Paving and resurfacing parking lots with hot mix asphalt or concrete requires the aid of trained operators and specialized equipment. External contractors are often hired for projects of this caliber and large sections are forced to close during the process. Preparing the area for resurfacing, executing the project, and allowing the materials to cure leave large areas unaccessible for extended periods of time.

During regular parking lot maintenance or periods of inclement weather, fast-acting cold patches are used for potholes, cracks, and other small repairs. While these materials serve their purpose temporarily, they’re frequently revisited for rework within months of first being fixed. When these fast-acting patches fail, the time and resources it takes to repair one pothole compounds and eats into parking lot maintenance budgets.

Road Rescue® reduces the time, training, and equipment needed for parking lot maintenance to make quality asphalt repairs. Some of the outstanding features of Road Rescue® are its rapid hardening, easy application, and limited tool requirements. Unlike traditional repair methods that involve tedious preparation work and hours of waiting for patches to set, Road Rescue® is traffic-ready immediately in just three simple steps: clean the damaged area, pour the material directly into the pothole, and compact it with a vehicle’s tire. Without any curing time or extra tools, parking lot maintenance can repair damaged areas with limited resources and reopen the area immediately after compaction.

Additionally, because of the exceptional durability of Road Rescue®, even paving and resurfacing parking lots can be streamlined. While still requiring the aid of larger compaction tools such as a pneumatic roller, Road Rescue® can significantly reduce the time, training, and equipment needed to carry out these large projects.

Maximize Coverage and Durability While Lowering Costs

Because parking lots span large areas and experience constant traffic, property owners and managers are often faced with a common challenge – how to maximize coverage and durability while keeping costs in check. While bagged cold mix is a versatile option for parking lot maintenance because of its low cost and flexibility, the coverage rate can often result in purchasing large quantities. Additionally, cold mix patches requiring rework from heavy traffic lead to additional expenses.

Hot mix is an excellent choice for both coverage and durability, but projects incur higher costs due to the heavy machinery and experienced crews needed to apply it. While commonly used for large parking lot maintenance projects, smaller repairs such as potholes and cracks may not warrant the overall costs of using this material.

Covering 7 square feet at a depth of 1 inch, Road Rescue® significantly reduces parking lot maintenance costs without sacrificing coverage or durability. With over twice the coverage of other leading bagged asphalts, maintenance crews can make more repairs with less material. With its ability to withstand heavy traffic immediately after compaction, Road Rescue® minimizes the need for frequent repairs and replacements, saving property owners valuable time and money for big and small repairs alike. Moreso, the material can be sealcoated 30 days after application, ensuring property owners can extend the lifespan of their parking lots to avoid further resurfacing projects.

Maximizing coverage and enhancing durability in parking lot maintenance is not just about the initial construction; it also requires regular maintenance and repair. This is especially true for areas where temperatures fluctuate drastically, causing pavement conditions to worsen at an accelerated rate.

Extend the Window for Permanent Parking Lot Maintenance

Parking lot maintenance is a year-round task, but traditional materials limit the window when property owners and managers can perform permanent repairs. Materials like hot mix become scarce during colder months as asphalt plants are forced to shut down due to dropping temperatures. However, it’s during these colder months when pavement is at its most vulnerable state. Changes in weather and heavy traffic cause pavement to heavily deteriorate during this time, ultimately culminating in “pothole season.” It’s during these colder months when hot mix is unavailable that parking lot maintenance turns to cold mix as a temporary solution.

Although cold mix asphalt is designed for inclement weather, fluctuating temperatures and moisture can greatly affect the performance of the material. Excess moisture prolongs curing periods which can result in failed patches. Cold mix is also prone to hardening in the bag, adding unnecessary difficulty for parking lot maintenance. The weather-sensitive binders of the material can harden from cold temperatures and must be heated before use. Road Rescue® has the unique capability of performing lasting repairs year-round because it doesn’t harden in its packaging with time or temperature and cures immediately regardless of weather conditions.

By taking advantage of this all-weather performance, permanent parking lot maintenance can be done during colder weather when it’s the most crucial. Eliminating rework and opening the window for long-term repairs means fewer repairs can be made, resulting in substantial financial benefits for parking lot owners and managers.

Parking Lot Maintenance Reimagined

Overall, the nature of parking lots means maintenance is inevitable. Consistent traffic and changes in the weather will work to deteriorate pavement over time. However, traditional methods and materials can siphon maintenance budgets and require more time, manpower, and resources than management has available.

With its year-round reliability, superior durability, and simple application process, Road Rescue® helps parking lot maintenance operate proactively and efficiently. By reimagining how maintenance is performed, parking lot owners and management can work toward a well-kept and secure area for visitors.