Published : 12/20/2023

Top 5 Parking Lot Repair Points Hurting Businesses

In today’s competitive business landscape, every detail matters when it comes to attracting and retaining customers, including the appearance of parking lots. A well-maintained parking lot can enhance the overall image and professionalism of a business, attracting more foot traffic and return customers. A neglected or deteriorating parking lot can deter potential customers, signaling a lack of attention to detail and care. Not only does maintaining an aesthetically pleasing parking lot boost curb appeal and provide a safe area for customers and employees, it also helps businesses avoid costly future repairs.

Businesses should prioritize parking lot repair as an essential part of operations to ensure a safe and inviting exterior. However, maintaining these areas can be a large undertaking. Potholes, drainage, and proper markings are just a few of the many points of parking lot repair that can make or break the usability and appearance of your parking lot. Here, we discuss how to tackle the top 5 parking lot repair points that could be hurting your business.

1. Cracks

Cracks form in parking lots from poor drainage, constant traffic, weather, and overgrown vegetation. Not only are cracks unsightly, they’re also one of the first tell-tale signs that your parking lot requires attention. Crack filling is a common parking lot repair technique, but is normally used as a temporary fix.

Crack filling is typically recommended for shallow, narrow cracks. Larger cracks and connecting cracks, known as alligator cracking or alligatoring, are signs that crack filling is no longer the best option. When parking lots experience alligatoring, the layers beneath the surface pavement have deteriorated extensively. Once pavement has reached this stage, it’s best to cut and patch the pavement or resurface the area entirely.

While Road Rescue® isn’t a crack filler, it is designed for permanently repairing distressed pavement. When properly applied, repairs will avoid spalling and cracking because it creates an immediate bond from the pressure of compaction. This makes Road Rescue® different from traditional parking lot repair materials with curing times. During competitors’ curing times, changes in temperature can alter the curing process and cause cracks to form on the surface of the repair. Parking lot repairs made with Road Rescue® reduce the formation of future cracks by creating a durable seal on the top surface of the distressed area.

2. Potholes

Potholes in parking lots can create a hazardous environment for customers, causing damage to vehicles and potential accidents. Between a constant flow of traffic and exposure to the elements, parking lots are prime real estate for potholes to form. Left unattended, simple potholes can grow into monstrous sizes and lengthy paving projects. With regular maintenance and a quality asphalt material, businesses can dodge more expensive parking lot repairs.

Most bagged asphalts rely on oily chemicals acting as a glue to form a bond. It takes time for these chemicals to fully harden. Not only can this result in failed patches, it also makes the application process messy and time-consuming. Areas have to be sectioned off from traffic while waiting for the material to dry. In some cases, it is necessary to square the edges of the pothole with a saw to prevent the material from coming out of the repaired area. Because of the extra time and effort required, these materials may not be the best option for repairing a busy parking lot.

That’s why using a fast, quality asphalt to make prompt repairs is vital to keeping parking lots open. Road Rescue® Asphalt Repair helps businesses address potholes proactively because of its simple three-step process that results in fast, no-hassle pothole repairs. After cleaning the distressed area, applying Road Rescue®, and compacting the material, repairs are ready for traffic immediately. There is no curing period, no need to square the edges of the pothole, and only one person is required for proper application. By reducing the time it takes to repair potholes, businesses can reopen parking areas sooner and use less resources to do so.

3. Drainage Issues

Drainage issues in parking lots can cause significant problems, both structurally and functionally. Without proper parking lot repair, inadequate drainage systems can lead to standing water or flooding, making it difficult for customers to park and navigate the area when there is precipitation. Accumulating water not only increases the risk of accidents, but can also lead to erosion and further pavement damage.

Regular inspection and maintenance, including filling cracks and potholes, will ensure that water stays on the surface and drains away efficiently. Additionally, installing drainage systems, such as catch basins, can further enhance water management in parking lots. This is especially important in areas with high precipitation.

Taking a proactive approach to improper drainage starts with using weather-resistant repair materials. Once compacted, the limestone rocks in Road Rescue® excrete bitumen and fill all voids and crevices within the distressed area. This process prevents water penetration and reduces the probability of freeze-thaw damage, extending the lifespan of the pavement. Because of this ability to withstand moisture, Road Rescue® is frequently used to repair large utility cuts caused by water damage.

4. Faded Line Markings

Over time, line markings in parking lots can fade due to exposure to the elements, resulting in a parking lot that is difficult to navigate and prone to causing accidents. Customers may find it challenging to identify parking spaces, walkways, and loading zones, leading to frustration and inconvenience. Moreso, accidents caused by faded line markings can turn into a costly liability for businesses.

Reestablishing clear and visible signage starts with the quality of the material it’s painted on. Properly compacted parking lot repairs made with Road Rescue® ensure a smooth and durable surface for line markings. And because there is zero cure time, line markings can be reapplied immediately after the repair is complete. Areas closed for maintenance can be reopened as soon as the paint dries, a process that takes longer than the asphalt takes to cure.

This is especially important for parking lots with industrial loading zones where proper line markings are used as an essential safety precaution. Asphalt repairs that remain pliable during curing times can disrupt the flow of operations. If pressure from traffic causes the patch to fail, new line markings can quickly become obscured again. By utilizing Road Rescue®, line markings can be reestablished quickly for the safety, accessibility, and overall usability of parking lots.

5. Resurfacing

When parking lots experience extensive alligatoring, numerous potholes, and drainage issues, resurfacing the pavement may be the optimal solution. This comprehensive repair involves removing the top layer of asphalt and replacing it with fresh, smooth pavement. This not only rectifies present issues but provides a stronger surface that will last for years, enhancing the overall appearance and functionality of your parking lot.

However, parking lots ensure customers a safe space in close proximity to your business. Resurfacing projects can close off crucial space for your customers and employees to park. Shutting down parking lots for construction can decrease customer traffic significantly, especially for businesses working with limited space.

Road Rescue® provides businesses with the fastest method to resurface their parking lots because of its all-weather reliability, fast application, and superior durability. Large-scale parking lot repairs can be performed in less than ideal weather conditions with a fraction of the time and resources needed for traditional materials like hot mix asphalt. It’s because of these unique attributes that businesses paving and resurfacing their parking lots rely on Road Rescue®.

Parking Lot Repairs That Keep Your Business Open

By proactively addressing these 5 crucial parking lot repairs, businesses can maintain a visually appealing and operational space for their visitors. Regular maintenance and repairs are vital, but it’s also equally important to choose an asphalt material that makes sense for the nature of your parking lot. Traffic is constant, weather is unpredictable, and shutting down your parking lot for repairs may not be an option. Road Rescue® not only makes reliable, traffic-ready parking lot repairs, it helps businesses keep their parking lots open and welcoming for their customers.